Chai Tea Concentrate

Chai Tea Concentrate


Locally made Chai Tea!
Brewed locally in Sandpoint, Idaho.

We make our own Chai Tea at Understory, and we are pretty dang proud of it!
Its spicy, warming, and a little sweet.

We chose to make our own because it’s hard to find a good, wholesome, traditional chai these days. So many  are filled with preservatives, sweeteners, and “Natural Flavors”.
It just so happens that one of the many things we love to do it to make, so we made!

 Our chai is made and brewed multiple times weekly, and with locally sourced ingredients, organic if possible. We let the spices brew together with long steeps in hot water. The organic black tea is added last top round out the final flavors. This is like no other chai you’ve had.
We do not filter out every particle of spices, those babies are like gold in the bottom of that jug! They will “marinate” with the mixture over the next few days and give your chai an even more spicy flavor.

So, if you are ready to try an awesome, locally made chai look no further. Feel free to pay ahead online, or pay in store!

The glass container holds 32 ounces of our chai tea concentrate. Each jug will make about 5 chai tea lattes at home.

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